What is The Best Alternative to Cable TV?

Rises in the cable or satellite TV prices has led to a lot of frustration among the viewers. Hence more and more number of people are opting for other alternatives wherein they can watch all of their favourite programs. But when you have cable TV offering you with so many number of channels, there is often a common concern in mind that what can be better than this. But there are certain alternatives wherein you can save a lot of money and at the same time watch only those channels which you are interested in. The TV antenna and the online streaming services are currently seen to be the best alternative for cable TV.

Do not think that the TV antennas are a thing of the past. They have been bought back to life and that too with a bang. The TV antennas which are available in the market are no longer those bunny ear ones. These antennas are much better in terms of technology and appearance. Also with some research online, you can get a fair idea as which TV antenna is good for your location. The TV antenna provides more than a dozens of channels. The signal strength you would be receiving would depend upon certain factors such as, distance between your home and the broadcasting tower, any obstructions in between, the weather and the location of the antenna. If everything seems good, then you can receive more than 50 local channels. There are some major broadcasting networks which are also available through TV antenna. To name a few, PBS, Fox, ABC, NBC and so on. These networks provide live sports, weather and also all of your favourite programs. With TV antenna, you can receive lifetime of channels absolutely free of cost. This is a one-time expense wherein you only need to bear the cost of antenna. Also there are so many options available in the market which makes it easier for you to choose the best.

In certain cases, if you do not find your favourite channel through TV antenna then you need not worry. There are numerous online streaming services which provide host of programs and movies at a minimal cost. Few of the online services include, Amazon Prime, DirectTV Now, Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV and so on. These online streaming services do not need much of installation process. You can try out their free trial pack to see what they have to offer. Once you are satisfied that your favourite channels are available in a particular streaming service, then you can opt those monthly or yearly subscriptions. With a rise in the online streaming services the competition is getting tougher but at the same time it is a bonus for the viewers since they are getting to view new and unique content at a minimal rate.

A combination of OTA TV antenna and online streaming service would be one of the best alternative for Cable TV. This way, you do not lose out on watching any live program and at the same time get much better deal when you choose a particular streaming service.