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Managed MPLS Network Consulting


MPLS is a fully scalable, cost-effective transport method for those businesses in need of the absolute high end in network performance. With an MPLS network, data packets are assigned specific labels and packet-forwarding decisions are based upon the contents of the label instead of the data packet itself.

This gives MPLS a range of advantages over other WAN technologies. The connection is faster with reduced congestion and intelligent traffic engineering options available that allow data to be sent along alternative paths. This also results in increased reliability as any backbone link that goes down will be bypassed within the space of milliseconds.

The benefits of using MPLS networks are becoming increasingly apparent to medium/large scale businesses, with the old technologies being replaced every day. However, while many MPLS providers provide some fair reporting and visibility into the traffic and activity on the MPLS network, there are a few major deficiencies with current MPLS providers. First, many organizations require additional monitoring that is part of a larger monitoring solution rather than just an isolated WAN portal. Second, current MPLS providers do not provide comprehensive WAN solution design, they only provide implementation support with very strict boundaries, leaving the important details such as LAN connectivity and DMARC extension to others.

Both these gaps must be filled by someone that has experience in these areas. This must be either internal IT staff, or a managed services provider. The MPLS implementation project will need to be driven by someone who is experienced in both reviewing the technical details of the deployments, and coordinating the installations with IT vendors. For the implementation of a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool that covers the MPLS and the rest of the environment, someone will need to know how to deploy, maintain, and utilize the monitoring platform across the various technologies in the environment.

ConnectU Systems offers managed network services that fills in all the major gaps of an MPLS network deployment including planning, documentation, monitoring and troubleshooting of your MPLS WAN.

To find out how ConnectU can help your company get the most out of a managed MPLS network, please see our contact page or call the number below to speak to one our consultants free of charge at (888) 248-7095.