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Cisco Enterprise Network Management


ConnectU Systems provides Cisco Enterprise Network Management as part of our role as a full-service MSP. For medium to large-scale businesses, networking isn’t quite as easy as simply connecting to the internet. LAN and WAN management involves everyday activities like file sharing, printing and creating back-ups of the configurations of all network devices (we use DeviceExpert from Manage Engine for this), as well as maintaining and configuring all network infrastructure components such as servers, routers and firewalls. Efficient networking managing is absolutely paramount to the security and success of any business.

In today’s marketplace, you need to be able to effectively and reliably transfer any type of media from voice, data, VoIP and HD video, in order to keep up with the changing dynamic of business trends.


At ConnectU Systems we offer network device health monitoring, problem identification and resolution, internet usage monitoring/filtering, new hardware testing and deployment of all infrastructure and systems. We can help you to stay in touch with all your contacts, whether they are in the next room, or the next country, on their mobile phone, laptop, desktop PC or tablet.

Most businesses will pursue new ventures that will have some effect on the existing network. One example would be mergers and acquisitions, connecting two corporate networks together and handling the networking between the two. Another example is working with different vendors such as data centers and third-party application vendors. In order to continue operating without the risk of downtime, the integration with the existing network needs to be completely seamless.

After in-depth analysis of your current operating procedures, we provide the solutions to help your business reach maximum earnings potential and optimum connectivity, with ongoing support and advice throughout all stages of the design, implementation and operation of your networking systems.

A well-connected businesses is a successful business and we at ConnectU would be happy to discuss which of our wide range of options would be of most benefit to your particular model with Cisco Enterprise Network Management.

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