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Artisan Infrastructure VMWare Hosting


ConnectU provides businesses with a range of solutions to assist them on their path toward cloud-based IT services. Many services such as Windows Azure, Intune and Office 365 are natively cloud-based and do not require a dedicated server to be operated and maintained by the company. However, many business applications still need a server to be owned and maintained somewhere by the company.

Some businesses will elect to store the relevant information on a server kept on their own premises. Apart from being a headache for their own IT staff, this can be quite a costly option, especially considering the risk of downtime, potential loss of productivity and financial implications inherent with this method. For one, the actual space the server takes up can be quite costly in terms of facility rent, when the server is housed on business premises.

Keeping these servers regularly updated and maintained introduces further cost and complexity, while also taking valuable working time away from the IT team. Instead of managing and running your systems, your IT staff would need to devote several hours to the server itself, ensuring that it stays operational. Studies have shown that servers managed by SME businesses introduce a high risk of downtime into the equation.

Another option would be to rent a server at a data center collocation facility. However, this too can be quite costly and has the added disadvantage of lack of accessibility for the end user, should there be any issues that crop up during its operation.

ConnectU Systems helps businesses to overcome these problems with a cost-effective solution that can mitigate all of these concerns.

We work closely with Cloud VM providers to place internal business applications and servers into an easily managed cloud-based environment. Virtualization of this architecture means that companies can reap the benefits of off-site data management, without the associated cost or complexities involved with physically owning and storing this data on a dedicated server.

This means greater flexibility, less risk of downtime, increased profits and more time for the IT staff to do their thing – ensuring the healthy operation of IT systems.

For more information on how Artisan Infrastructure – Enterprise Grade VMWare Hosting solutions can help your business, contact our offices for a free consultation at (888) 248 7095.

Our trained advisers would be happy to explain how everything works and what sort of benefits your company could receive as a result of these solutions.