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Virtual Server Management

Major-Server-Builders-Opt-For-a-Common-Virtualization-Standard-2ConnectU Systems provides assistance to businesses on their path toward cloud-based IT services. These days, many services such as Microsoft Office 365 are natively cloud-based, and do not require the business to own or operate a “server” to utilize it. However, there are still many business applications that require the business to own and maintain one or more servers at their business office, or at a datacenter colocation facility. Both cases result in significant cost and complexity for the organization. Furthermore, when compared to cloud-based services, servers managed by small and medium businesses statistically create a very high level of overall risk of downtime, resulting in lost productivity and further financial impact. While there are many obstacles to hosting servers, ConnectU Systems has found a very cost-effective way to operate these types of internal servers which mitigates all the common risks and pitfalls. ConnectU Systems works with “Cloud-VM” providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and others, to put internal business applications and servers into a “Cloud-VM” architecture. This strategy removes all of the “physical complications” of managing these servers and gives much-needed time back to the IT team, which can be spent working with their management and users, rather than battery backups and air conditioners.

virtual_serverConnectU Systems has extensive experience managing both physical and virtual servers, however ConnectU Systems currently agrees to manage only the client’s operating systems within “Cloud-VM” environments, which currently includes virtual servers hosted on three platforms: Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, and Artisan Infrastructure.  ConnectU Systems also agrees to drive the process of migrating servers from any other hosting platform to these supported platforms. Within the supported “Cloud-VM” environments, the tasks listed below are included by ConnectU Systems. Furthermore, these are supported on “Legacy” server environments prior-to and during a migration to a “Cloud-VM” strategy.

●      Migration of Existing Client Servers to Full “Cloud VM” Environments

●      Virtual Firewall Configuration Management (With VPN)

●      Design and Build Optimal Network Connectivity to “Cloud VM” Environment

●      Management of Microsoft and Linux Servers Within “Cloud-VM”

●      “Cloud VM” Environments Include Built-In Disaster Recovery