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Virtual CIO and Administration Services

img3pOver time, business environments evolve. ConnectU Systems not only ensures that the solutions being put in and managed today are the best fit for the business, but also that there is a vision for how the environment will work if the company grows or shrinks in the near future. Also, as new technologies come into view for the business, ConnectU Systems will perform the necessary research and testing to understand them, and will ultimately find the most effetive way to incorporate them into the business’s overall IT strategy. Often times, researching and testing new products and technologies would be considered “outside the scope” of a typical “managed service agreement,” however ConnectU Systems is willing to adjust the scope of support to your business need. Every day we work with new vendors, new products, and create new solutions for many different types of businesses.

WAN and LAN design and consulting services is where ConnectU Systems began. Our deepest roots are in advanced enterprise network design, support, and lifecycle management planning. As part of our managed services agreements, ConnectU Systems provides comprehensive network management to all of our customers which includes network routers, switches, wireless access points, and firewalls. It also includes a hosted VPN service and the management of all tunnels and advanced routing for redundant network connectivity.hosting_servers1-624x399

ConnectU Systems shall work with the Client management and any other internal Client IT staff to perform or assist with “managerial IT functions”. These functions are summarized as follows:

  • Environment Lifecycle Strategy Planning
  • Telephony & Internet Carrier Management (Circuits, Phone Lines, Carriers, Etc.)
  • Technical Writing (Technical Summaries, User Guides, Manuals, Etc.)
  • Technical Documentation (Diagrams, User and Device Lists, Inventory, Etc.)
  • Public DNS Management (Configure Corporate DNS Routing for Email, Web, Etc)
  • Management of IT Vendors (Phone System, Network Equipment, Webhost, Etc.)
  • Licensing, Compliance, and Security for IT Systems