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Network and Server Monitoring

0000209_logicmonitor_430The Value of Information  As an experienced provider of Managed IT Services, we know the importance of a proactive approach to solving problems. We also know the importance of tracking performance, availability, and various system failures time. An effective monitoring solution gives an organization the ability to expedite their troubleshooting process when a problem has occurred, and a method to collect and analyze historical technical data about all the key components of the IT environment. Once network administrators and managers have used an effective monitoring solution, there’s usually no going back. The visibility and insight gained through proper reporting tools often provides a new perspective to those who use it, and it brings to light how blind a typical organization without a monitoring approach really is to the core of their infrastructure. Furthermore, in organizations that have different levels of technical support staff (such as a Tier 1 Helpdesk supported by Tier 2 engineers), the visual nature of many monitoring tools can help bridge the technical gap which enables more effective discussions between the two. This also improves the Tier 1 team’s ability to better understand the environment at a high-level, and therefor more easily identify common faults without the need for Tier 2 involvement.

The Challenges  The overall process of researching, choosing, learning, and deploying a monitoring solution can be a daunting endeavor for most administrators. In the past, monitoring your existing environment usually meant adding to it, requiring one or two servers to actually do the monitoring. Someone on the team then needs to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, in order to get a basic effective configuration in place. The challenges of monitoring continue to grow over time as the environment changes, and the data on the monitoring server starts to grow and require maintenance of it’s own. Maintaining a basic understanding of how the monitoring tool within the organization is also difficult, as it often takes a backseat to other projects. Furthermore, the person who deployed the monitoring solution is usually the only person who really knows how to administer it, and when they leave the organization, the abililty to manage and update the monitoring solution often leaves with them.LM-Architecture-Vertical

Managed Services – A Better Fit  The challenges above are yet another one of the many reasons the Managed IT Service industry has come to be so successful. Managed Services companies are much better suited to find a standard monitoring solution that works for them across many customer environments, and maintain the knowledge and operation required to make the tool effective. Even still, there are many challenges for finding a Monitoring solution that works well for a Managed Service Providers, and therefor some still do not include or offer this in their portfolio of services.

Our Solution  ConnectU Systems however, has years of experience is systems monitoring, with a multitude of different platforms. Our chosen solution for monitoring our customer environments is the cloud-based platform LogicMonitor. It met all of our most important criteria including ease of use, granularity of control, and ability to easily and effectively share access to the tool with our customers. Most importantly, they use what we consider to be the best fundamental technical architecture possible for a monitoring platform. Finally, Logic Monitor is the only monitoring solution that provides the flexibility to allow a client business to take over their own monitoring from ConnectU Systems if they so choose. We’re very passionate about monitoring, so if you have questions about our services or want to try them out, just contact us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to discuss it in more detail.