Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, NOW TV: Which is best?

Online streaming services are now turning out to be the future of entertainment for viewers who were earlier glued to the cable or satellite TV. Today, most of them are aware of the fact that if they would want to get some content then the best place is to view things online. The internet has a lot to offer its viewers. But this again means that the viewer has to choose from a number of options when it comes to online streaming services. So when you have some tough competitors such as Amazon Prime, Now TV, Netflix and Hulu then how do you select the best among them?

Netflix: Netflix is available on varied devices but the cost of viewing it on one screen and more than one screen is not the same. You can surely watch Netflix on your laptop, smartphone, TV, or tablet but the cost would differ if you want to use it simultaneously on more than one device. Also it allows for the pause option wherein if you have to head for some work, you can click on the pause button. Once you are back, you can view the content from where you last left it. It also allows for 4 different profiles with password option. There is also a section only for kids so that they do not watch something not suitable for their age.

NOW TV: There is a one-month free trial period before you select the package. Once it has been properly connected to the internet, you can watch all your favourite shows on the go. Also the best thing is that it is one of the only places wherein you can get access to HBO old and new series. This is something not available on other streaming services. But with NOW TV, it does not allow for setting reminders or creation of lists hence you may miss out on some good titles. This makes it difficult to watch new movies or shows. Also it lacks on quality of viewing.

Amazon Prime: This is one the most popular streaming services used by cord cutters. The have almost 4500 TV shows and 18000 movies. This service is really serious about their business. They have an extensive list of music and books for their subscribers. They also have an unlimited cloud storage wherein you can store in your photographs. They also have a shopping portal which provides speedy delivery of its products. You get monthly and yearly subscriptions. It has a better range of films from which you can choose from. It also allows for download option that can be viewed when offline.

Hulu: Hulu is gradually gaining popularity after Netflix and Amazon Prime. Hulu has a 50hours of recording storage capacity. Also they have option to download programs that can be later viewed when offline. The current streaming content of Hulu comprises of 3500 TV shows along with few originals. You can create 6 profiles. However, if you prefer to watch unlimited streams then Hulu may not be the best option for you.

So when it comes to great deals, free trials, new content, content capacity then there is a tough competition between Netflix and Amazon. Now TV and Hulu are still good when it comes to content but still there are chances of missing out on new shows.