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Office 365 Self Service Password Reset – Finally

Well, it’s finally here as a native part of Office 365… sort of. Actually, it will cost some money and you’ll have to get familiar with Azure Active Directory account if you’re not already: Reference Link: Since BPOS, and continuing through the current Office 365 era, administrators have scratched their head as to why […]

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Windows Azure So Close – Disaster Recovery

The last 12 months has been very exciting for Windows Azure Customers like us who have long-wanted to host traditional virtual servers in Azure. The list on the Azure bar portal bar is getting mighty long, and finally getting things that matter to administrators who fit this description. I don’t mean to say BizTalk and […]

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Windows Azure Platform Versus Azure Websites Explained

Microsoft has a number of cloud offerings surrounding their “Azure Cloud” that clearly are all related in some way, but exactly how they are all related deserves a proper and simple explanation.  Here is one high-level attempt to help provide some clarity on these things, with a focus on the Windows Azure Websites and how it works in […]

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