Don’t pay a premium for TV channels you never watch

The TV and its content has seen a lot of changes since the time it came into our lives. Viewing television some decades ago would mean only one or two national TV channels. Also these channels had limited content and only for certain period of time. Basically back those days we did not have any other option apart from watching what was presented to us. Gradually with the advancement in technology and new broadcasters entering this sector, it led to a rise in the channels that were made available. More and more number of channels started coming up. From just one or two, today there are more than 1000 channels available for a viewer. But the real question is, how many of these channels do we as viewers actually watch.

As per a survey, more than 70 percent of the respondents mentioned that they barely watch 10 to 15 channels in a week. Even when they scroll through 100s of channels, ultimately it is just those 10 to 15 channels that they prefer watching. Many of the channels that are available through cable TV come in different languages which the viewers do not even understand. Also for every genre such as lifestyle, sports, weather, news, movies there are more than 10 channels each. But do we really watch each and every channel. The answer is No. As a viewer we have made a note of just the selected channels for each genre and only watch those. At the end we are paying an outrageous amount for watching just 10 to 15 channels out of the 100 plus channels.

Hence there needs to be awareness in the mind of the viewers that they need to first monitor their TV viewing habits. Having all the channels, surely brings a sense of satisfaction in our mind. But just think about it, when you are not watching those many channels, then it is it really worth spending a premium amount from your pocket to the cable or satellite TV subscribers. Also there are certain viewers who may not watch any sports or movies and prefer keeping themselves updated with just one or two news channels and the rest of their favourite programs. For such viewers it would make no sense in having those list of sports or lifestyle channel. It all seems a waste.

As a viewer, we need to sit back and take some time out in deciding what all do we need in our TV. There has been awareness being spread among the TV viewing audience so as to educate them about the channel pick. This would ultimately help them in saving their money and also carry out some mindful TV watching. Hence it is time now to stop paying heft premium charges to the cable or satellite providers for those channels which you are not even aware about or do not even watch. Rather select the channels that you watch or choose the other cable TV alternatives wherein you get only those channels that you are keen to watch. This way you save a lot of money and also do not sit mindlessly scrolling channels.