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History of the Company

history1ConnectU Systems began in Florida in 2005 with a Citrix migration project for a real estate company.  A hosted Citrix environment was unbearbly slow and poorly managed, so ConnectU formed to solve the problem and proceeded to purchase servers and bring the environment in-house.  By building a new windows domain featuring DFS, Microsoft SQL, and Terminal Services, ConnectU was able to radically improve the user experience, reduce cost, and allow the customer to focus on their business rather than chronic IT problems.  The scope of work included advanced group policies, environment management scripts, and a custom-developed batch photo optimization and upload tool which changed the way every employee did their job.  On top of this, ConnectU planned and managed the project, created the training material and documentation, and provided 4 in-office user training sessions which were a huge success.

With the success of this project, ConnectU had demonstrated the well-rounded technical and managerial skillsets needed to solve large and diverse IT challenges.  Building upon this success, the ConnectU received a number of referrals to new proejcts, a trend which has continued for nearly 8 years.  During this time, the ConnectU team has worked on projects that span virtually all areas of business technology, while specializing our education and experience in the areas of Cisco Enterprise Networking, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), and Microsoft Cloud technologies.

ConnectU has also become an expert in tackling medium-scale environment virtualization, migration, and relocation projects.  In the past three years, ConnectU has led seven major IT restructuring projects, with an average company size of 150 users and 15 servers.  In most cases, the locally-hosted servers are all completely eliminated, and all core services are migrated to cloud-hosted equivalents.  In other situations, cloud-hybrid environments are built to give clients access to the advantages of cloud-technologies, while continuing to support legacy applications and appliances as required.  In almost all cases, business processes are restructured around the new technology by the client management, and users are trained on the new process, all with the support of ConnectU Systems.

Early on in our development, ConnectU quickly realized that even a perfect technology solution built to solve a specific business does not typically remain releveant very long.  Many businesses are constantly changing and adapting, and so is technology. Thus, we realized that the biggest challenge currently facing businesses today is to find a quality IT services company that can build immediate solutions to meet business objectives, but that is also focused on forming a long-term “adaptive partnership” with clients to make sure the IT strategy and vision continues to be effective over time.  In fact the IT industry seems to have realized this challenge collectively, and as a result the concept of the Managed Service Provider (MSP) has become the new standard model for outsourced technology support services among medium-sized businesses.  In 2009, ConnectU Systems became a strong proponent of the MSP support model, and begin enrolling our current clients in monthly support agreements with regular monthly-payments.  This new model created a foundation for ConnectU and our clients to have monthly meetings, and begin setting long-term strategy and design goals (things that were rarely within the scope of any project, and certainly not covered under an hourly break/fix support call.)  Both ConnectU and our clients were able to be more pro-active with things like integration planning, training, upgrades, new software research and discussion, etc.  While we are still often engaged on an hourly basis for our expertise in advanced enterprise and networking, Voice-over-IP, and cloud technologies, it is no longer our primary source of revenue.

history2Providing managed IT services over the past 4 years has brought growth and success to ConnectU Systems.  Our expertise has expanded tremendously, and it has allowed us to stay current with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. We remain lean, mobile, and are always looking forward to the next technological challenge where we can solve a problem and build a new business relationship.