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Meet the Team


1. Gerald R. Wiltse

Gerald Wiltse is the president and lead engineer at ConnectU Systems. He received his Bachelors Degree in Network and Communications Management from Devry University in Florida. He began ConnectU Systems in 2005 as an avenue to perform consulting projects. After 5 years of part-time consulting, he became ConnectU Systems first full-time employee, and has provided the driving force and vision behind ConnectU’s growth ever since.

He started in the field of IT by doing residential computer support for a small computer shop.  After a short time, he obtained several contract positions through recruiting agencies for national IT migration projects.  Not long thereafter, he obtained a full-time helpdesk position where he worked for two years.  During his time there he learned a plethora of new enterprise-level technology concepts and quickly became a technical lead on the team.  He used the opportunity to enroll in Devry University, as well as several technical training programs for technical certifications. By the end of the second year, he had received several technical certifications including:  CompTIA A+, ComptTIA Network+, MCP for Microsoft Windows XP, MCP for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).  He left the helpdesk to pursue networking, and went to work at AT&T as a System Engineer where he attained his Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification and gained great experience with Cisco Routers and MPLS technology.   Next he worked for Harris Corporation as a network specialist in their Network Operations Center for three years, monitoring and troubleshooting a nationwide network of diverse equipment and WAN circuits, deepening his expertise in the field of WAN networking.  After leaving Harris, he worked for a major national bank as a Network Analyst for three years, supporting a complex enterprise network architecture and obtaining a very deep expertise in LAN networking, as well as related technologies.

Finally, Gerald left this network analyst position to begin working full-time as the President of ConnectU Systems.  Here he provides the technical leadership and manages all client accounts. Under his direction the company staff and quality of support has continued to grow and improve, while keeping the company in touch with the latest technology.

2. Carmen Whittaker

Carmen is the newest addition to the team and has quickly proven herself as one of it’s greatest assets. Carmen is the helpdesk manager, and has extensive experience in support roles in diverse and demanding industries such as Health Care and Government agencies.   In her years of experience,  Carmen has earned her stripes and become an expert in the support process.  Among her toughest roles was serving on a team in a 24/7 technical support desk, where she took on high-severity support calls for a major government agency.  She was in charge of documenting issues, performing initial testing and problem isolation, and coordinating the escalation and problem resolution among various telephone companies, field technicians, and other support engineers.  At ConnectU Systems, she continues to manage dozens of support requests for multiple technicians, while working on many of them herself.  Her organization skills, attention to detail, and follow through are all unmatched: qualities which make her an outstanding person and bring a great deal of integrity to ConnectU Systems.

3. Jeremy Feldman

 Jeremy is an accomplished IT Professional. He has several years of experience at different IT companies where he learned many software competencies and designed multiple business solutions through technology integration.  Jeremy has been instrumental in the development of ConnectU Systems by solving numerous long-term challenges with solutions we still use today, such as the deployment of Windows 7 and many core applications for our customers.  He has a very broad technological skillset as well as a unique style of critical thinking, which he uses to successfully diagnose and resolve customer support problems very quickly.  Jeremy is a key player in the constant pursuit of ConnectU System’s goal to simplify business technology while increasing end-user productivity.