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About Us

Our Service Agreement Model

ConnectU Systems begins by learning the details of your business process, and specific needs. One of our goals is to determine how we can best provide long-term value to your organization. After considering the size and nature of your business along with other factors, we’ll give you a proposal which outlines our short-term and long-term recommendations. At the same time, we will submit our proposal to execute and support these recommendations for a flat monthly fee, with no long-term commitment. Even if you do not accept the proposed agreement, the recommendations and documentation submitted are yours to keep.

Why We’re Different

ConnectU Systems excels in many of the areas which other managed service providers (MSP’s) or IT consultants consider “out-of-scope.” Things like working with end-users and management to understand business process and create improvements, and working with other vendors and Telco’s to create thorough project plans for large migrations. ConnectU Systems provides access to all of these services to each of our customers through our flexible flat-rate managed service agreements.

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Other Aspects

  • In the Business Since 2006
  • Building successful long term relationships with clients based on integrity, experience and communication has continued to propel ConnectU Systems towards lasting success.
  • Smart Decision Making
  • It's unfortunate, but in many small or medium-sized businesses, there is no room in the budget for a full-time CIO or technical director. As a result, the responsibility for navigating technology decisions falls on the shoulders of some other middle-manager or executive who has little or no technical experience. With our expert advice, these businesses decisions can now be very educated, and your management can feel confident they're making the best possible choices with technology.
  • Constant Improvement
  • With a novice system administrator at the helm, the technology strategy is often to make things work and then leave them alone as long as possible. We disagree with this attitude, and believe in a long-term approach which involves regular updates and maintenance to avoid situations where our clients fall too far behind the industry.

  • Great Results
  • Our clients of past and present will all attest to our delivery of successful solutions. We have moved a great number of businesses from disjointed collections highly problematic environments, to new integrated environments that are easier to use, easier to manage, and reduced cost. We've been able to put together the right solutions for virtually any business that we've dealt with, and we're always looking forward to new challenges.

Forte Points

Research Before All

We approach each client's unique problems with an open mind, and virtually always spend time researching new strategies to make sure we're not implementing an outdated solution.

Positive Thinking

Many of our clients comment on our positivity when approaching new challenges. We've found that positivity and optimism are the engine that keeps us committed to finding great solutions, rather than settling for something that is just "good enough".

Enterprise Experience

Experience on the enterprise and service-provider scale is what gives a person the perspective needed to properly support businesses of all sizes. Our engineers have years of experience in these types of environments, which has contributed to our extremely efficient and successful solutions.

Windows Certified

With MCP's holding multiple Microsoft certifications including Windows Server, Windows Workstation, and Microsoft Cloud technologies, we are prepared to tackle challenges with Microsoft technologies of virtually any kind.

Meet The Team

Gerald Wiltse

Function: Owner, Lead Engineer

Gerald Wiltse is the president and lead engineer at ConnectU Systems. He received his Bachelors Degree in Network and Communications Management from Devry University in Florida. He began ConnectU Systems in 2005 as an avenue to perform consulting projects. After 5 years of part-time consulting, he became ConnectU Systems first full-time employee, and has provided the driving force and vision behind ConnectU’s growth ever since.


Carmen Whittaker

Function: Helpdesk Manager

Carmen is the newest addition to the team and has quickly proven herself as one of it’s greatest assets. Carmen is the helpdesk manager, and has extensive experience in support roles in diverse and demanding industries such as Health Care and Government agencies.


Jeremy Feldman

Function: System Administrator, Network Engineer

Jeremy is an accomplished IT Professional. He has several years of experience at different IT companies where he learned many software competencies and designed multiple business solutions through technology integration.


Dennis Young

Function: Support Engineer

Dennis Young is an I.T. Manager for multiple Central Florida Small Businesses , he has an Associate of Science Degree in Electronics/Computer Technology from Florida Technical College, he is CompTIA A+ Certified and has 15+ Years Experience in I.T. Industry.