For past so many decades, we all have been glued to the cable or the satellite TV. Just so that we do not miss out on any of the favourite shows or live programs, we would ensure that the cable bills were paid well before time. Cable television changed the TV viewing experiencing. It bought along a number of channels. Cable TV is known to deliver both a few basic channels and also the premium programs. Initially, cable TV were very budget friendly but with the rise in competition they started to charge exorbitant charges. Gradually as a viewer, these monthly charges took out most of the budget. Hence there was a need to decide whether we still cable TV or can we find some other alternatives.

With the advent of Internet or the web world, there are a lot of things which has been made easier. You can stream unlimited videos, watch movies, thus ditching your monthly cable TV bill. This in turn would bring down the monthly entertainment viewing charges. Note that when we talk about basic cable TV channels, then it is not at all expensive but the moment they add in certain premium channels such as Showtime, HBO and many others then the charges also increase accordingly. The harsh reality is that with so many channels that is made available through cable TV, as a viewer we watch just 10 to 15 channels. 90percent of the channels are not even watched. Viewers just scroll through mindlessly spending hours in front of the TV. Viewers do not have that much of time to view such a vast majority of content. Hence the question is really valid when we say, “whether we really need to pay for cable TV?”

Normally people just have a handful of shows and they stick to only those shows on a daily basis. Even when you have 10 sports channels, you would prefer watching live sports on a certain channel number. Thus it leaves us with a question as to why we need those other channels. But with the changes in the TV viewing scenario, it has led to a rise in the online streaming services and devices. Out here, you only need to pay for the programs that you watch. There are various options such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and many other that offer varied packages to the consumers. It is upto the consumer to select the package wisely.  You would find out that most of the shows and movies you view are also available through one or more of the online streaming services. You can also go in for the OTA TV antenna that offers basic local channels to the viewers. A perfect combination of online content and TV antenna would help you making a wise decision of watching just the channels that you really are interested in. This would in turn help in saving a lot of money which otherwise you would spend on cable TV.

Today, the cable TV prices have been overpriced since most of the channels are not even viewed by the audience. It is a better option to explore the world of internet and take it as a great cable alternative thus getting rid of the cable TV bill.